Heartburn remedies

Millions of people suffer from heartburn and if you are somebody who suffers from it regularly then the chances are that you spending lots of money on medications in an attempt to cure it. Heartburn remedies do not have to be expensive, there are some things that you can try that might work even better than what you would buy in a pharmacy. These are everyday items that you likely already have to hand and if you don’t they are still very cheap.

heartburn remedies

Heartburn remedies

1. Bananas – These yellow fruits are a natural antacid, so try and make them a regular part of your diet in an attempt to counteract the heartburn.

2. Apple cider vinegar – Some people have had success with apple cider vinegar helping with their heartburn, if you can’t stomach the stuff don’t worry it also comes in capsule form and can be bought in most health stores.

3. Ginger – The health benefits of ginger are often underestimated, it can actually help with heartburn and nausea amongst other minor health conditions. You can add ginger to meals to see if it helps with your heartburn or you could even try ginger tea which is quite delicious.

4. Aloe vera juice – Aloe vera has so many benefits on the whole and it’s juice has been used throughout the years as a natural remedy for heartburn. You should be able to get aloe vera juice in most health stores but just be sure to check the labels that it is OK for internal use.

5. Chewing gum – Studies have shown that chewing gum can help with easing the symptoms of heartburn. You should chew the sugar free gum for approximately 30 minutes straight after a meal. This results in some acid getting washed away to the build up in saliva in the mouth, therefore lessening the acid reflux.

6. Baking soda – It is known that people for generations have been using baking soda to help with their heartburn and it looks like this is one old wives tale that actually works. You should mix 1 teaspoon of the stuff with water and drink it, this helps to normalize the stomach acid. Although this tastes like no strawberry milkshake, it usually brings good results which is what you are looking for.

7. Potatoes – Potatoes are known to neutralize the acid in your stomach but I’m afraid this isn’t an excuse to load up on carbs, there is a way you have to consume your potato. Juice one raw potato and mix with an equal amount of water, drink it up not forgetting to stir first. This is the best way to get the most of the potato making it more likely to fight against your heartburn.

Home Heartburn remedies


Although these home heartburn remedies might not fully cure your heartburn, they should help to ease the discomfort that it causes on a whole. Experiment with a few of them to see what ones work for you. In addition to these methods, you should try and figure out what foods TRIGGER your heartburn and stop eating them all together.

Does Milk Help Heartburn ?

Nearly everyone has had heartburn before. It is a condition that normally occurs due to backing up of stomach acids into the esophagus. It makes one feel like there is a bonfire in the chest burning its way up the throat. The good thing is that there are numerous remedies for this unpleasant condition. Perhaps you have already heard of milk being used to calm this condition. The simple question is does milk help heartburn? Since ancient times, mothers would advice their kids to drink a glass of milk when pressed with heartburn. Let’s look at if it is effective or not.

Does Milk Help Heartburn


The main component of heartburn remedies
We have already seen that heartburn is caused productions of stomach acids. In almost all natural remedies, calcium forms the active element. In fact, even commercial drugs contain calcium in order to handle the problem comfortably. This is because calcium helps form a buffer to the stomach acids. As you well know, milk contains calcium elements. It is due to this element that it tends to offer some partial benefits against heartburn.

Concerns about use of milk
Milk contains sizeable amounts of fats as well as calcium. There are some components of food that trigger production of more stomach acids. One good example is fats. The fat component can stimulate the formation of more acids thus worsening the situation. It is true that milk temporarily helps, but ends up worsening the situation after sometime. However, there is always a way to utilize milk in doing this. Simply opt for skim milk as it has no fats in it, but don’t drink a lot of it. It will be quite beneficial if you can drink about 7 ounces of skim milk in between meals for proper results. If you add food in your stomach, it may just pile up to the already unpleasant situation.

What is the best way?
It is recommended that one finds over-the-counter antacids that are very cheap and available to calm the heartburn. If you realize that these are not helping you out, then it’s just time to see the doctor. Using antacids for than two weeks should alert you of an impending stomach issue. Frequent heartburn may lead to long-term health conditions like gastroesopheagal reflux disease. If you didn’t know, this may lead to cancer. It is thus important to see a doctor to help treat heartburn. All in all, just know that milk can partially, if used properly, reduce the heartburn. But care should be taken as it can also worsen the condition.

How to get rid of acid reflux fast

Acid reflux is a digestive disorder that affects very many people throughout the world. It is normally brought about because of eating several junk foods for a long time, drinking sodas which have gas and sugar or caffeine-rich drinks stress also causes these disorders and living unhealthy life that causes your health to be affected. Acid reflux usually causes a lot of discomfort and pain and it usually affects a person for a few minutes or a few hours as well.

Symptoms of acid reflux
• Stomach pains that people begin to experience. This happens regularly.
• Heartburn is a common symptom and it usually goes hand in hand.
• You start to experience vomiting on a consistent basis.
• You also experience nausea and dizziness.
• You experience throat and chest pains.
• And you also experience frequent headaches.

get rid of acid reflux

How to get rid of acid reflux fast
• Drinking aloe Vera juice because it has numerous benefits. You just mix the extracts from the leaf and mix it with water to make the juice. You are required to take it twice daily and you will experience rapid results.

• Preparation of baking soda mixture will help relieve heartburn. You need to take a tablespoon of it and mix it well with a cup of warm water. When you do so it helps to reduce the acid that foams and it completely eliminates acid reflux in the shortest time possible. It works really fast.

• It is also important to avoid eating foods that ignite acidity of your stomach because these foods cause you heartburn and which is one of the symptoms of acid reflux. Foods like coffee and tea dairy foods and carbonated drinks should be avoided.

• Drink ginger tea because it is an essential herb that contains ingredients which help to minimize acidity. Then it helps to kill bacteria in your stomach which helps to prevent the frequent stomachaches that affect you. You can prepare the tea or just chew on the ginger pieces. You can put some pieces on food also so that to keep your meals free from acid.

• Take organic honey because it helps to alleviate heartburn fast. It also helps on a long term basis. It has actually been proven to work so it is something that has been tried and tested, take a tablespoon after or before meals.

All those steps should be followed and you will find that acid reflux will be eliminated fast because the results will be immediate. It is important to avoid those food and drinks that affect you and make sure you follow doctor’s advice because it is what will help you.

Immediate Heartburn Relief for Everyone

Heartburn is a common health problem that may occur in many people. When you suffer from this situation, your stomach acid is going to flow to your throat. Because of this reason, this situation is also called as the acid reflux. This condition can make you feel uncomfortable for certain period of time. When this problem is not treated properly, it may cause some other problems in the future. Therefore, you have to find the best immediate heartburn relief for solving this problem quickly. You don’t have to spend a lot of time for treating this condition. Here are some common tips for you who want to solve this health issue effectively.

Immediate Heartburn Relief

1. Chewing gum

Chewing gum is believed to be an effective method that you should do to treat this health problem. It is recommended that you chew sugar free gum for about 20 – 30 minutes after a meal. When chewing gum, your mouth tends to produce saliva that is very useful to help you digestive system. This enzyme is going to push down the stomach acid to stay within your stomach. Many people feel that they are able to experience quick heartburn relief after doing this simple activity. There are some gums that are available today. You can find many types of gums with different flavors on the market these days.

2. Consume baking soda

Baking soda is another recommended product that you should consume, so you can treat your acid reflux problem. This product is very effective for most people suffering from heartburn. It is a base product that can neutralize your stomach acid. However, you should not consume this ingredient excessively. It may cause some side effects, such as nausea, in some sensitive people. You can combine 1 teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of drinking water to make this solution. Drink this solution after meals, so you are able to reduce the symptoms of heartburn condition.

3. Take licorice

Some experts recommend the consumption of licorice for people who suffer from heartburn. There are some research showing that this ingredient is very effective to ease any heartburn or acid reflux symptoms. Licorice has some natural active ingredients that can help you heal your stomach problems effectively. There are some licorice gums that are available nowadays. You can chew these licorice gums or tablets before meals. This product can also reduce the possibility of the stomach acid from attacking your esophagus or throat.

4. Drink Aloe Vera juice

This is another immediate heartburn relief that you should consume regularly. This plant has a lot of benefits for your health. Aloe Vera has some active ingredients that can reduce any burns on your stomach. Aloe Vera juice is proven to be very effective to reduce inflammation that can be caused by this heartburn problem. This product can be consumed to reduce any pains that are related with any acid reflux symptoms. It is recommended to consume this juice at least once a day to protect your digestive systems effectively. This juice can give additional protective layer on top of your digestive system.

5. Consume garlic extract

There are some supplements that are made from pure garlic extract. These supplements are very effective to treat any symptoms that are related with the acid reflux or heartburn problem. Garlic has some anti-inflammation properties that are very effective to protect your digestive system from acid reflux problem. The extract of this ingredient is also effective to reduce the population of any pathogenic microorganisms in your digestive system. When you are looking for the immediate heartburn relief, you may want to consider taking the garlic supplement. Some people may want to chew a clove of garlic to reduce their heartburn symptoms.

They are some effective treatments that you can use to treat your heartburn symptoms. This health problem should be treated immediately. In most cases, people usually need a few days to solve their acid reflux problem. If you are not able to solve your problem with those treatments, you should contact professional medical experts immediately. Your doctors should have some effective tips for reducing any symptoms related with your acid reflux problem. There are some medications that can be consumed to treat this condition effectively. However, these products can be purchased with the doctors’ prescriptions.

Miraculous potato juice: helps against ulcer and heartburn!

In our country the potatoes are one of the most popular materials which has varied uses in the kitchen. But although they have so far mainly consumed cooked as a side dish or part of a meal, scientists come up with interesting findings. What our grandmothers recommended for decades, experts examined in laboratories. Confirmed that raw potatoes have the power to heal.

Potato Against Heartburn


Raw potato as a balm to digest

The shelves of our stores you can now choose from a really wide range of vegetable juices – from tomato through carrot and beetroot to many others. However, it seems that potato juice will be added to the vegetable juices range. The team of microbiologists from the University of Manchester found therein antibacterial molecules. You ask, where did the idea for such research? The answer will probably surprise. It has fed one scientist friend’s grandmother, who recommended it grated raw potato as a natural remedy for stomach ulcers. And this led to an interesting study.

From an underrated vegetable medical miracle

The result of that research are the beneficial effects of antibacterial molecules contained in the raw potatoes. Their are important first in the treatment, and also to prevent the occurrence of bacteria living in the stomach, causing stomach ulcers and heartburn. In contrast to antibiotics can upset the bacteria can not grow resistance against potato juice. Drink this vegetable drinks in addition has no side effects. Therefore, the experts embarked on the investigation now several types of potatoes and now, thanks to them trying to develop natural medical products of tomorrow. Special molecule has not yet been named, but U.S. laboratory brains already managed a department patented process. Indeed hoping that one day could be marketed as a supplement similar to probiotic yoghurt drinks.

What are the visions for the future?

potato juice acid reflux


“When I first heard about the idea of ​​using potatoes to treat stomach ulcers, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical,” openly says Professor Ian Roberts. As a member of the scientist team threw pessimism: “In the next stage, I was no longer surprised – many herbal products containing compounds of interest. We just have to find them. “And what are their expectations? “This potato juice, as we call it, we see in the form of prevention and treatment of developing gastric ulcers. “do not hide their enthusiasm scientist.

As the potatoes in our conditions always fared relatively well, the yellow treasure in the skin had always been represented in folk medicine. Juice of raw potatoes are not only saw for stomach ulcers, but also headaches, hypertension and problems with defecation (for constipation). Raw grated potato mixed with oil also served for external use – as a balm for skin exposed to extreme heat: when it burns, but also for frostbite. On the “breakthrough” nutritional supplements by U.S. pharmaceutical companies so obviously there is no reason to wait …

And here some crazy potato juice recipe :) :


Foods to eat when you have heartburn

Underrated For everyone that has gastroesophageal reflux disease, which is also commonly known as GERD, then you probably feel heartburn on some occasions as a main symptom of this disease. Main thing for you to stop heartburn, or at least not to feel it anymore is to be extremely picky about your food, and everything that you eat. This will mostly mean that you need to it slowly enough, don’t eat food or any other snacks lately at night and simply not go to sleep right after you finished with your meals.

heartburn diet

Choosing what food to eat is also a key aspect when you have a heartburn, so you need to combine your diet of a rather large amount of high-fiber and low-fat food, and mix your diet with lots of healthy fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. Here are some of the best foods which are good for you when you experience heartburn, and will most certainly ease your heartburn.

Yes, ginger is certainly one of the most common foods which are eaten to simply ease your heartburn feeling. Fresh ginger can certainly act as a rather great anti-inflammatory food, and it is widely regarded as a great, old-fashioned remedy for various stomach problems. There are certainly many benefits of ginger, since it is extremely healthy, and it will be a great addition to your diet, so it is fully recommendable for you to add this food item to your normal diet plans. You can pretty much get daily dose of ginger, which is around 2-5 grams. Best way to eat them would be by steeping ginger onto the warm water and make yourself a tea with it. You can chew piece of ginger then, or simply use ginger when you cook sometimes with which ginger would taste good with.

heartburn remedies

This may come as a surprise to you, but applesauce is certainly a great home remedy to ease you with your heartburn problems. Oil and butter are mostly known for triggering heartburn, but this fact does not have to mean that you need to forget every food that goes with it. You can simply substitute applesauce with oil, and it will therefore fully reduce amount of fat in your food, which is always a great sign. Taste will almost stay the same, maybe even better for your taste. It is also great since it adds a certain amount of fiber onto your wholesome diet. Always use about the same amount of the applesauce as recipes state for oil. It is just a simple substitute to oil, which will make rather a lot of healthy substitutes in your complete diet.

Oatmeal is almost great for anything that is related to health. It is great to eat it in the morning, because it will make you feel completely full, and it is actually a very healthy meal. It also serves as a great home remedy to your heartburn problems, so there are certainly various uses of this type of meal. It is completely high-fiber and low-fat, so you can certainly eat it at any given opportunity.

Foods You Should Avoid To Prevent Heartburn

Chronic heartburn normally takes place when the esophageal sphincter won’t close and as a result stomach acid runs back to esophagus. This can lead to obnoxious taste in your mouth together with a burning sensation at the back of your throat or in your chest. The pain and the discomfort brought by heartburn are triggered by certain foods which you should avoid to prevent future attacks.

Foods You Should Avoid To Prevent Heartburn

These include:


Minty foods can trigger heartburn. If your heartburn condition is worsening, avoid foods that contain mint such as putting it in your tea, soup or salad. Pyrosis (heartburn) can also be treated when you stop consuming sweets containing peppermint as one of the ingredients. Make sure that you first confirm before consuming any gum or sweet.

Alcohol and Caffeine

Caffeine increases the risk of getting heartburn which in turns causes pain as well as discomfort. Beverages containing alcohol also accelerates the burning sensation. Therefore drinks such as tea, coffee, wine, among other ’caffeine-ic’ and alcoholic beverage should not be taken when you begin feeling the heartburn.

Full-Fat Dairy

Dairy products packed with fat at times increases heartburn. To avoid this condition, make sure you reduce your full-fat milk intake and also other full-fat products like ice cream and cheese. There are low-fat products available in retail shops which are great in reducing heartburn including calorie consumption.

Garlic, Onions and Spicy Foods

This combination is what is known by man to worsen any heartburn condition. Avoid consuming food items such as chili, salads, tacos, onions, garlic or any other spicy food. If possible, slowly limit onion and garlic use in foods like fried eggs, pasta dishes, cheese steak and veggies to reduce your heartburn condition.

Fried Foods

Fried foods can also trigger heartburn symptoms. Commercial fast foods together with frozen meat are the best candidates for fried foods. Hamburgers and French fries – both loved by many, will significantly increase the burning sensation. Apart from that, avoid eating fried foods at home to help reduce the heartburn from getting worse. Manage this condition by lowering the fat level in your intake. This will improve digestion which will in turn prevent pain and discomfort.

Citrus Fruits

Lemons, oranges and grapes also lead to heartburn development. These citrus fruits and their juices cause a condition known as cardialgia – popularly known as heartburn. To discourage further development of the pain caused by this condition, avoid consuming citrus fruits.


The main culprits who have made millions of people suffer from increased heartburn are none other than the tomatoes. These ’heartburn-trigger’ components are used in variety of foods making tomato the number 1 suspect as far as heartburn’s pain and discomfort are concerned. Foods such as salsa, pizza, salads, spaghetti sauce and ketchup should be avoided to reduce the risk of pyrosis.

heartburn remedies

If you manage to avoid the intake of the foods, drinks and fruits mentioned above and focus on the right diet, managing your heartburn will be an easy task to handle. Avoiding the ’heartburn-trigger’ products ensures that soon all the pain and discomfort will come to an end.

How is heartburn diagnosed

Heartburn is a recurring condition which can cause some serious complications if not diagnosed & treated earlier. This common condition can be easily confused with other serious chest complications like pneumonia, pulmonary embolus, chest wall pain and even a heart attack. But with the different diagnostic tests available, finding out if you are suffering from heartburns and the major cause of this complication is not really hard. So if you want to how is heartburn diagnosed? please read on.

heartburn diagnosis

Heartburn diagnostic tests

1. X-ray-this procedure involves a patient swallowing some Gastrografin or barium while the radiologist watches these materials travel through the esophagus and the stomach, using a fluoroscopy or X-ray machine. Other than looking for inflammation or irregularities within the esophagus wall and the esophagus, this procedure can help the doctor determine if your esophagus-muscles are working accurately in a rhythmic-fashion to help push these materials into your stomach. This test is usually done on out-patient basis at the hospital. In fact the patient is requested not to drink or eat anything after midnight on-the-night before the test is done.

2. Upper Endoscopy- this test will help your doctor determine the major cause of this condition or elucidate any complication that might have been noted by the X-ray. Using a flexible-scope with a fiberoptic camera, the gastroenterologist can easily look at-the-lining of the esophagus & stomach. Ulcers and inflammations can be identified. This test is done on patients who have had a recurring heartburn for years.

3. The pH test- this test is conducted using a thin tube and a sensor which measures the content of stomach acid being backed into the esophagus. With this procedure, the doctor inserts the tubular probe into your esophagus through the nose. This probe is left there for 24hours to measure the amount stomach-acid backing into your esophagus and the patient is advised to continue doing what he/she normally does during the day. This test will help you physician determine if the cause of your unexplained asthma or any other respiratory issue is caused by acid reflux. Within those 24hours, you will be expected to record all the symptoms that you will experience. This procedure will measure for how long & how often does the stomach acid enter the esophagus.

heartburn remedies

4. Bernstein test- also referred to as the acid-perfusion test, this procedure is used to reproduce some heartburn symptoms. Done in a medical laboratory, this procedure involves a naso-gastric tube being inserted into your esophagus through your nose. And then some mild-hydrochloric acid is poured through the inserted tube followed by saline solution. If these symptoms can be reproduced then your symptoms were caused by esophageal-reflux.

5. Esophageal manometry- this diagnostic procedure is for determining if the esophagus muscles are contracting perfectly. If you are experiencing some difficulty while swallowing, your doctors will rule-out any kind of obstruction using various procedures like x-ray or upper endoscopy. If no obstruction is detected he will then conduct an esophagus manometry. During this test, your doctor will pass a pressure-sensitive tube through your nose/mouth, down the esophagus and into the stomach. The doctor will then ask you to swallow and the pressure of your muscles contraction will be measured.

Heartburn symptoms

Underrated Heartburn is basically a certainly type of burning that you feel in your chest, which is mostly caused by your stomach’s acid backing up onto esophagus, which is commonly referred to as a food pipe. This burning mostly occurs in central and upper part of your chest, and it can certainly be extremely uncomfortable for you, your body and your overall health. It occurs exactly behind your sternum, which is a breast bone of yours. Burning can certainly become worse, and it can be brought up by either lying on the right side or simply lying flat. Pregnant women can also experience heartburn at many occasions, and will a very aggravating type of heartburn on their chest.

heartburn symptoms

Heartburn is also extremely linked to specific beverages and food which are ingested into your system. In order to prevent frequent heartburn from your life, you most certainly need to fully rearrange and change your lifestyle choices, get a better diet plan and start living more healthy. Symptoms will eventually come of once you follow those steps.

Main heartburn symptoms
There are certainly numerous heartburn symptoms which can happen to you and your body. The main and by far the most common heartburn symptom is in fact feeling of a burning sensation on your chest. That feeling can also be commonly accompanied by a rather sour taste on the back of your throat, or it can appear to you as a certain, uncomfortable feeling of certain food being fully stuck in your throat. It is a very uncomfortable feeling, so it can be extremely important for your to start living more healthy, which will most probably decrease your regular basis of heartburn feelings
If your symptoms of heartburn are sometimes accompanies with arms or neck radiation, cold sweat, dizziness and breath shortness, then that person absolutely has to be fully evaluated by a professional health care experts as fast as possible.

heartburn remedies

Heartburn is commonly caused by an acid reflux once stomach acid fully splashes from person’s stomach all up to their esophagus. Then heartburn trigger can fully differ by every person, but majority of people have some of these following symptoms. These symptoms are mostly a certain burning feeling that occurs in your chest after you eat something, and it can last even for few hours. Other symptoms are chest pain, which you will mostly feel after eating, lying down and bending over something. Burning in throat can also be a very commonly symptom of heartburn, as well as difficult swallowing, feeling that the food you ate has stuck in your throat or chest and heartburn can also cause you a sore throat, chronic hoarseness and chronic cough.

If you feel most of these symptoms, then you should absolutely go to your doctor to make a fully diagnosis of your symptoms. You doctor will most certainly perform various special tests in order to determine severity of this problem of yours. Also, your doctor will most probably have to fully monitor your whole treatment process.

Find Out What’s Causing Your Heartburn

Are you plagued by heartburn after eating a large meal? What happens is that stomach acid moves into the esophagus causing a burning sensation in the chest and may even leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

The pain and burning that you experience with heartburn is caused by the powerful acid in the stomach fluids that irritate the sensitive lining of the esophagus.

what causes heartburn

Is heartburn preventing you from enjoying the things you love? Millions of Americans have symptoms associated with frequent heartburn which occurs a couple times a week or more, that burning sensation in your chest accompanied by a bitter taste in your mouth, especially after eating certain foods. If you wish to have heartburn no more, it’s important to understand what causes heartburn, and then learn the simple steps to treat it.

It’s very common to have frequent heartburn, especially if you have the habit of eating large meals, which is one of the triggers of acid reflux. Some other foods that can cause heartburn are acidic fruits like citrus, tomatoes, fried foods and spicy foods, fatty meats, chocolate, also alcohol and coffee. Perhaps you avoid many of the foods listed because you know that they cause you heartburn.

If you have a stressful lifestyle, if you smoke, or if you are overweight, recognize that these are some of the triggers of heartburn. Also, exercising on a full stomach and lying down after eating a meal can bring on an acid reflux attack.

heartburn remedies

Here are some of the symptoms you may have experienced. It’s always a big help to understand how heartburn affects you.

1) Pain that burns and starts in the chest then works its wasy up to the throat.

2) A feeling that food is coming back up into your throat.

3) A taste of bitterness at the back of your throat.

Do you take heartburn antacids at night to be able to sleep? Maybe you prop your head up with several pillows to avoid that burning sensation. Do you avoid lying down after meals in the day so you won’t trigger heartburn? It’s after meals when the pain usually comes and then it increases if you lie down or bend over.

Oftentimes, heartburn is only experienced at night. There are some simple lifestyle adjustments that can really help. First of all, there should be no eating two to three hours before bedtime. Also, you can elevate the head of your bed, putting you in an inclined position which helps to keep stomach acid from coming up into your throat. Finally, it’s best not to sleep on your right side because studies have shown that this position triggers heartburn more than lying on your stomach, back, or left side.

Try to understand what causes heartburn and track some of the triggers. Maybe it’s a glass of orange juice with your breakfast or maybe it’s your morning coffee that causes the burn. These are just two of the many triggers. Learn the common causes of heartburn and note what triggers your episodes. It could be several factors. Some activities like bending over, wearing a tight belt, or simply putting pressure on your stomach will force up its contents.

Here is a video about what causes heartburn: